...former finance manager tells all.

TRADE SECRETS the dealers don't want you to know!

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  • 96 pages of useful information found nowhere else - written in a way that is enjoyable to read.
  • TRADE SECRETS- finally exposed!
  • Learn why you should ALWAYS finance with the dealership (save BIG with this totally unexpected tip!). Sounds crazy, but after you read this chapter, you'll NEVER PAY CASH FOR A VEHICLE AGAIN! Find out why!!!
  • Finally - a discussion about leasing that makes sense.
  • How you can actually bury outstanding personal debt and restructure your finances by leasing your next car!
  • "Upside down" in your old car and need a new ride? How to make your "negative equity" go away. 
  • When to consider a warranty and when not to, which warranty to buy, and how to save money on the perfect warranty. (hint: never buy a warranty from your auto insurance provider. Looks mighty tempting... but what if you switch insurance companies?)
  • Understand the difference between front end and back end, about the profit centers within the dealership - and how they all work with, and against, each other.
  • Understand how the dealership works - and why it takes so long to buy a car.
  • GAP insurance explained.
  • How to sell your old car - or how to trade it in successfully.
  • So much more: all open, honest, and straightforward.