Here's what they're saying:

"This book has been really good! I was worried it would have been a little dated. On the contrary! I actually learned a couple things my finance guys never wanted to share with me." ...Myke M, former car sales leader, California

"Cash is not king in a country that runs on debt. I learned about the profit centers and how they work with, and against, one another. I learned a very valuable lesson about financing that I never even saw coming."...Mark L, California.

"It's clear and understandable...the tone is actually engaging and makes for a great read..."...Laura K, Maryland.

"What you need to know is all right here. If you buy a car without reading this book, you're screwing yourself."...Paul C, Canada.

"I get excited when I find the perfect car. They say it's a bad thing to let the dealer know you love a car. But now that I've read this book, I know it's not a big deal, because I'm in control. I know where the profit really is-and it's not in the showroom!"... Jennifer M, Connecticut.