Read this book and learn the things the dealers  do not want you to know:



Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Dealership
Chapter 2 - Front End vs Back End
Chapter 3 - After Market and Accessories
Chapter 4 - Warrantees
Chapter 5 - Rust Protection, GAP, etc.
Chapter 6 - Other Products
Chapter 7 - Finance
Chapter 8 - Leasing
Chapter 9 - Retention and Buy Rates
Chapter 10 - F&I Manager Pay Plans
Chapter 11 - NEVER Pay Cash
Chapter 12 - Internet Buying
Chapter 13 - Trade-Ins
Chapter 14 - Used Cars
Chapter 15 - How to Sell Your Car Yourself
Chapter 16 - Registration and Tag Fees
Chapter 17 - Rules To Remember
Chapter 18 - Final Thoughts
Glossary of Terms


"There comes a point in your life when you feel like you’ve “been there, done that” so many times that you’ve mastered the way. At over 60 years old, I’ve bought plenty of cars, both new and used, and felt that I was pretty good at wheeling and dealing with the dealers - until I read this book.

I had no idea how the dealership works. I knew everything they did was all about profit. That’s why they are in business. But I didn’t know how one thing affected the other, or how everything affects everything else in the deal. This book not only taught me about all the profit centers in the dealership, but also how each one works with, and even against, the others. Knowing this, I not only understand why it takes so long to buy a car, but how to work the various departments within the dealership against each other- and to my advantage.

The biggest thing is what I learned about financing a vehicle. Had I known this all along I would have easily saved tens of thousands of dollars. Cash is not king in a country that runs on debt, and I learned a very valuable trick about financing that I never even saw coming.

This read will, without a doubt, save you huge when buying from a dealer and it’s well worth a hundred times the purchase price.

Read this book. You’ll be shocked and very glad you took the time."

Look what's inside:

Introduction - Learn the ways the dealers profits and how the dealer makes money off of you. Take a look at the ways dealers maximize profits on each and every transaction. Discover how you can actually use the dealer's thinking and techniques to your advantage.

Chapter 1 - Car buying 101: Learn how the various dealership profit centers work with, and often  against each other- and how knowing this can benefit you!

Chapter 7 - We'll help you identify and decide the options that are a real value and the total rip offs, and show  how to negotiate the deal you want on them. 

Chapter 8 - Leasing is a "keep an open mind" topic. Leases are not for high mileage drivers or people who keep their vehicles forever. People who are “upside down” (owe more than their trade in is worth) are actually great candidates for leasing. People who buy a new car every three to four years ought to consider a lease. Consider your personal history.  A lease is not always a bad thing. Getting ripped off on a lease, though, is. [Chapter 8 teaches you some tricks even most finance managers and dealers don't know- tricks that can rid you of extra debt, save you money every single month, and maybe even help you get your finances back on track. It's a must-read!]

Chapter 11 - “Oh, what?”, you ask? Why would anyone who could pay cash not do so? No matter the rate, 2% or 6%, paying cash avoids interest charges. You should ALWAYS pay cash- right?

No. It's not right! In fact, you should never, ever pay cash. Ever! [Chapter 7 will blow your mind. Learn why paying cash is the WORST thing you can possibly do when buying a new car!] 

Chapter 14 - It's almost impossible to find out how much a dealer paid for the used car he's trying to sell you, and it's literally impossible  to know just how much he's profiting from you. [Read Chapter 7 and find out how to beat the dealer at his own game when negotiating on a used vehicle!]

Chapter 17 - When you walk in knowing, and stating, what you are willing to pay for a car, you lose most all of your negotiating power. You would have already told the dealer what an important part of his profit can be -even before you've even begun negotiating. Give the dealer that number, and all he needs to do is build on it- and he will! Truth is, you may very well be able to get the car for less money than what the dealers is selling it for. and remember- the front end is just a piece of the money-pie for the dealer. He's got all those other profit centers to work with, too!  Be smart. Know your number, but don’t let the dealer know you know it.

With what you've learned from this book, you'll always, always pay less at the dealership:       We'll show you how, every step of the way.